April 10, 2008

Rukia fall in Love

Rukia and Ichigo have more of a love hate thing, but I'm rooting for them! They make a better couple because they bring out the best and worse of each other. They are just too funny together! Rukia had a weird feeling when this new student hugged her. It felt like, the guy had deep connection with her in other life. Her hands were moving by themselves too when she wrapped her arms around his body, and closing the gap between them. She didn’t know why she was moving like that. Rukia herself was very surprised by her action but when their bodies touched, she fell deep in his scent. So she hugged him even tighter. Maybe this is the chemistry between a girl and her future son. Ichigo who was holding his anger from inside, walked towards Shinichi and punched him straight to his face. Keigo and Chad quickly held Ichigo’s arm from starting a fight, while Inoue helped Shinichi to stand up. Blood started to flow from Shinichi’s face, to put it clear, nose. Everyone else just quiet and watched the scene.

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