August 30, 2008

At this point, Aizen might be the strongest in the soul society. Or is he??

First, we all know that Aizen is not using his Bankai ,but he is able to kick Hitsugaya Toushirou and Ichigo's ass while they both changed Soul cutter into a Bankai form. ( Unlike Naruto's writer, Kishimoto, Bleach's writer, Tate Kubo seems to like get his popular characters to lose, which is not a bad thing because "good always wins" is boring for some major manga maniacs)

Second, As I mentioned in other post, Aizen shows his true identity because Aizen, himself, might believe that no one in the soul society can take Aizen down. At this point, his super cool(g*y-a*s) soul cutter is making massive hypnosis on everyone in soul society. So, with this power, he is a super man except against Tousen Kaname, who is with Aizen, now.

Third, I personally believe that Ichigo was a part of Aizen's plot, but in this chapter we learn that Aizen has no interest in Ichigo, or Ichimaru Gin might have a plan on his own. He might turn to the good side, and say I sided with Aizen in order to defeat him in his weak spots when the chance comes, so in order to defeat Aizen, Gin used Ichigo. This is only my dream theory because I do not want Ichimaru Gin to fades away after the soul society mission.

Now Aizen's power: I think it only applies if Aizen is not only plain strong.
First, Aizen can create a massive hypnosis. Actually, it is one on one thing, but it can be applied to anyone who were in hypnosis whenever Aizen uses his soul cutter.

By hypnotize an opponent, I think Aizen can mass with enemy's vision (sight).
Aizen looks like 100 meter or 1 mile a way from Ichigo, but in reality Aizen is actually less than 20 inch or 100 cms. And, I think this is how Aizen win against Hitsugaya Toushirou.

Toushirou did not realize what the hell happened because Aizen rush and cut Hitsugaya from a place that is nearly impossible to do based on the distance between Hitsugaya Toushirou and Aizen.

In Ichigo case, Ichigo tries to cut Aizen but Aizen blocked it with one finger. I think Aizen somehow hypnotize Ichigo and make Ichigo to believe that Aizen blocked Ichigo with one finger and stopped Ichigo. And, Aizen cut Ichigo down.

Hypnosis has such power to play with mind. In this case, Tate Kubo upgrades Hypnosis in to a super ability. In fact, Ninja used to use hypnosis all the time. And, samurais believe that ninja actually used some kind illusion magic.

If Aizen cut down Hitsugaya with his own speed and power and blocked the Ichigo's soul cutter with only one finger, Aizen should be unstoppable by anyone in soul society. But, if Aizen is just plain strong, Rukia's fate is nearly set, and our only hope lies with evil Ichigo who likes to cut people. Cannot wait for the next week's issue.

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