April 1, 2008

Zanpakutou info

Zanpakutou: A Shinigami gains their Zanpakutou when they graduate from the academy (central institute of spiritual art). Each zanpakutou is as unique as the wielder, contianing its own personallity and apperance. Many zanpakutous are capable of performing ''releases''. The ''first release'' is called Shikai, while ''full release'' is called Bankai. Both Shikai and Banki increase the power of the wielder. "Bankai", the third form, means "all release". Only shinigami at the Captain's rank, or highly powerful Vice-Captains can acquire bankai. Increasing the zanpaku-to's power by as much as a factor of ten, it takes many decades of intense training to learn bankai (or three days of cheating courtesy of Urahara and Yoruichi. ^^) Triggering a zanpaku-to's bankai needs only a one-word incantation: Bankai.

Ryuujin Jakka
(Flowing Flame Blade)

Weilder : Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 155, vol 018
First Ban-Kai: Never

Shi-Kai: Ryuujin Jakka

release command: "Banshou Issai Kaijin To Nase!" ("Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust!")
Oldest and strongest heat based zanpakutou. It's fire can burn anything in the soul world. Yamamoto wields the strongest and oldest known heat based zanpakutoh with the greatest attacking power in all of Soul Society. Usually, he carries it in the shape of an old wooden staff until he returns it to katana form by uttering ‘tsuukon nari.’‘Banshou Issai Kaijin To Nase’ (ashes to ashes, dust to dust).

Name Meaning: Cutting Moon
Kurosaki Ichigo
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 067, vol. 008
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 162, vol. 019

Giant zanpakutou as tall as Ichigo, because of Ichigo's tremendous spiritual pressure Zangetsu can never go into it's sealed state. Zangetsu also has its own apperance and is one of the few zanpakutous we see materialize themselves. He looks like a shinigami to some extent, but his robe has multiple tattered edges that he seems to be able to control, and a rugged looking face, with a pair of funky glasses to match

Zangeki: Zangetsu is the zanpakutou Kurosaki Ichigo recieves from Rukia during the first chapter. Getsuga Tensho (Moon Fang Striking The Sky) Zangetsu takes Ichigo's spiritual pressure and releases the super high density pressure from the blade and the Zangeki becomes bigger then explodes. This version of Zangetsu is made mostly for attacking since it lacks the protective pieces of a katana. The special ability of Zangetsu's shikai is that it can turn Ichigo's spiritual energy into a shockwave of energy

Ban-Kai: Ten Sa Zan Getsu (Heavenly Chain Cutting The Moon)
Ichigo'sappearance also changes from normal shinigami garmants to a sleek black outfit with a black tattered cape, much like Zangetsu's outfit. Hollow Ichigo can use a shooting attack called Black Getsuga 'Black Moon Fang'. The top half of his shinigami robe becomes a sort of suit topcoat instead of a kimono, pinned together at one spot, then left to flare out into ragged ends, similar to the way Zangetsu's looks.

Weilder : Urahara Kisuke
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 065, vol. 008
First Ban-Kai: Never
Choosing: Power --> Power And Intelligence.
Shikai Attack: Blood Mist Shield & Shot.

Normal: Kept inside of his cane. Because it resides in a cane it's hilt is still the handle of the cane so looks differnt than most zanpakutou's. Urahara's cane also has the ability to seperate souls from their bodies.

Shi-Kai: Benihime (Crimson Princess)
- release command: "Okiro!" ("Wake Up!") and "Nake" ("Sing!")
Changes dramatically as it is no longer in anyway a cane. Benihime can produce a shield and an explosive attack. Urahara's Shikai does not change any appearence on the player's Zanpakuto or graphic however, it gives the ability to use a shield AND a blast attack! The Blood Mist shot is a red version of Sado's Power Blast and has some power got inside of it..

Bankai Attack: None.

Wielder: Hitsugaya Toushirou
Choosing: Power --> Freeze And Kill (or something similar).

Shi kai : Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)

- release command: "Souten ni Zase!" ("Soar In The Frozen Sky!")

Master Way: Shoot Dragon.

Hyourinmaru is not too different from a regular katana in its normal-form. It does seem to be a bit longer than a regular katana. The most outstanding feature is its crossguard, which is in the shape of a golden, four-pointed star. Captain Hitsugaya usually carries Hyourinmaru slung over his back, hilt poking over his right shoulder, instead of at his hip. Hyourinmaru is also the most powerful ice elemental zanpakutou in Soul Society

Hitsugaya's Shikai does not change the sword, but it lets the user shoot an Ice/Water Dragon that can freeze anything it hits (players/NPC).The pressure from Hyourinmaru's water attack is so fierce that it peels the ememies flesh from their bones. even the moisture in the air, starts to freeze. So even if you don't drown in the deluge that is the dragon, the water still soaking you will freeze you til you die.

Bankai :Dai Guren Hyourin Maru (Great Red Ice Ring)

Hitsugaya's Bankai gives a small boost to the player's stats. It lets the player to shoot the Dragon (like before), and normal attacking gets stronger.The player has now huge Ice wings and tail. Hyourinmaru's name lengthens to Dai Guren Hyourinmaru which meansGreat Crimson Ice Ring. Being the most powerful known ice elemental zanpaku-to, Dai Guren Hyourinmaru includes not only a moving ice-floe, but also independently mobile ice-stars.

Name Meaning:
Thousand Cherry Trees
Wielder: Kuchiki Byakuya
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 116, vol. 014
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 142, vol. 017


Byakuya's sword becomes into many petals that takes few platforms .Senbon Zakura doesn't deviate from the norm in its plain form, looking just like a normal katana. Captain Kuchiki isn't inventive in carrying it, either, keeping it slung at his waist.

Shi-Kai : Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Tree)

- release command: "Chire!" ("Scatter!")

Speaking the short word "chire" which means scatter, Captain Kuchiki makes Senbon Zakura's blade disappear and turn into what looks like thousands of small cherry blossom flower petals. They scatter and shread the enemy.

Ban-Kai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows) Invisible Damage. In bankai form, Sebon Zakura name lenghtens to Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi, which means Thousand Cherry Trees, Solemn Shadow. Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi is a stonger version of the shikai form of Senbon Zakura. No one can see the movements of those blades or dodge them, except Kurosaki Ichigo. Byakuya's Ban-kai's final stage is called Hakutieken (White Imperial Blade)

*Speical: Scene Of Masscere (or something).
This is a speical attack learnt after mastering Bankai. In here, the petals disappear and the target (on the screen) will be trapped along with the user inside a pink-sword cage. The user gets his sword back, but it looks a bit different and the stats are boosted.


Name Meaning:
Weilder :
Abarai Renji

First Shi-Kai:
Chapter 056, vol 007 "The Rookie That Can't Ask Its Name"
First Ban-Kai:
Chapter 141, vol. 017 "Kneel to the Baboon King"

Like the vast majority of other zanpakutou, Zabimaru's normal form looks exactly like any old katana, and Renji carries it stuck through his obi, like any samurai would. The only difference is the crossguard has a stylized lighting-bolt pattern carved into it. Zabimaru leaves its body behind, giving the opportunity of using Higga Zekkou: If an enemy is standing on the body itself, he'll get hit by the user's Reiatsu, which contacts Zabimaru together.

Shi - kai : Zabimaru (Serpent Tail)
Renji's zanpakutou grows larger and has a saw like appearence. Zabimaru can extend and retract at Renji's will. It can be thrown around like a whip and slice threw the enemy. The real surprise comes when opponents figure out that Zabimaru is not a sword, but actually a sort of whip. The plates are joined with a flexible material that can extend incredible distances. Renji can mentally control the length of the whip, but it still takes some weapons finesse to control it directionally

Ban Kai :Hihiou Zabimaru
Renji's zanpakutou turns into a giant snake skeleton and coils around the ground with him in the center. Segiments of Hihiou are connected with Renji's spiritual pressure thus making him stronger. Though bulky Hihiou is a great endurance zanpakutou even if it losses one or two segments it can still fight. Renji holds onto the tip of the tail, which then coils into multitudes of round ribs all the way up into a huge snake head, complete with white furry ruff at the back of the skull-joint and several rows of fangs. The skull is the only thing that slightly resembles a baboon. Like Zabimaru's Shikai, Hihiou Zabimaru is a whip of sorts, except it just has a much larger range. Also instead of having a flexible material joining the rib segments, all of Hihiou Zabimaru is held together by Renji's spiritual pressure, so it's nearly impossible for an opponent to sever it.

Ashisogi Jizou
Name Meaning:
Legshredder Priest

Kurotsuchi Mayuri
First Shi-Kai:
Chapter 122, vol. 014 Don't Lose Your Grip On
First Ban-Kai:
Chapter 125, vol. 015 Insanity and Genius

Captain Kurotsuchi keeps it in a loose, blobby-looking light colored sheath hung from the very front of his belt, dangling from his belly button down to between his knees. When in Bankai form Ashisogi Jizou's name lengthens to Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou.

Shi - Kai : Ashisogi Jizou (Beast-Killing Jizou)
Mayuri's zanpakutou turns into a weird staff like weapon with three prongs coming out the top. Above the crossguard is a huge, round, bronze face that looks like a bald, bulging-eyed cross between an alien and a baby. The thing is at least as big as Kurotsuchi's own head. The blade itself splits into three wavy prongs that come out at angles from the top and sides of the head, like some crazy set of horns, with the middle prong being the longest. As an ability, Ashisogi Jizou paralyzes the motor nerves of whatever living thing it hits.

Ban - Kai : Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou (Golden Beaste-Killing Jizou)

Ashisogi Jizou's name lenthens to Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou which means Golden Legshredder Priest. In Bankai, the weird face on Ashisogi's Shikai gets a gargantuan body .It Converts Mayuri's blood into a poisonous fog and spreads two hundred yards in radius. The body itself is shrouded in a ragged, grayish cloak that makes it look like a floating ghost. Underneath the cloak is a fat, pasty-pale caterpillar-like torso. Mist constantly streams from the corners of its mouth. The most dangerous part of the Bankai, that mist is a specialized poison Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou makes from Captain Kurotsuchi's blood. One good lungful of the stuff is lethal to any living thing within almost two hundred yards of him.

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