April 14, 2008

Who is ichigo love? Inoue or rukia?

Like many other friends of Ichigo, Inoue quickly develops spiritual powers of her own after Ichigo becomes a Shinigami. Her given name is taken from a Japanese legend that the festivalTanabata is based on. On a chapter cover in Volume 1 of the manga, the word vega a star that symbolizes Orihime the weaver princess from the Tanabata legend, is printed to show the connection. After Rukia is taken back to soul society to be executed, Orihime joins Ichigo and some of her other classmates in an effort to save her. Upon arriving in Soul Society their group is split up, and Orihime wanders the city with ishida. If you watch episode 166 (like right at the end) i think there is some pretty good moments between the two and they are so meant to be together plus i don't like Rukia she need to be with Renji. In episode 16 when rukia leaves ichigo's house, while running on the road she says "true love". is it about ichigo?

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