April 21, 2008


Grimmjow has light blue hair, and his eyes have blue/green lines below them that are similar to the red marks on Ikkaku Madarame's eyes. Grimmjow's attire consists of a white hakama and a black sash, his white jacket is ragged and consists of an upturned collar, with black inner lining, the sleeves are rolled and Grimmjow wears it open; chest revealed. The remains of his jawbone like hollow mask are relegated to his right cheek, and his hollow hole has moved to his abdomen.

Grimmjow is a sadistic and entirely amoral individual. He dislikes taking orders, and will knowingly disobey his superiors if he does not like their decisions. Ferocious and hotheaded in combat, he detests the cold calculation of some of his fellow Espada, preferring to fight completely instinctively. Although he does not have any special abilities aside from standard arrancar powers, he uses these powers much more liberally and aggressively than his fellow Espada, making him a challenging opponent even for higher ranked arrancar such as Ulquiorra Schiffer. Grimmjow's released form makes the resemblance even more apparent. The two have also been identically posed for volume covers.

In the episode 167, Grimmjow's past and his ascension to Adjuchas, along with his meeting of Shawlong and the others is revealed, as the battle with Ichigo continues. Grimmjow pulls out his final strongest technique, Desgarrón and he prepares to end the fight. Ichigo is not willing to give in either and they clash as the battle finally ends.

Grimmjow Powers

  • Superhuman speed, agility and strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Energy Blasts
  • Swordsmanship
  • *Pantera*

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