April 25, 2008


Guys.. sorry for late..Bleach episode 168 entittle The New Captain Appears! His name is Amagai Shuusuke airs on TV in Japan on the 23rd of April...Well, this first episode of the new arc is all about the new captain Amagai Shuusuke and how he’s integrated into the third division with Kira. The only mention of the ongoing Hueco Mundo stuff is when the narrator talks briefly at the beginning, making it basically sound like this will be a standalone side story until they can pick things back up with the manga storyline again. Now you can watch full episode at here..

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dimarkitekt13 said...

cool site... hehehehe, i also watch bleach, but recently i'm into d.gray-man, are you familiar with that? if not you can check my blog... hehe... but it's in though.. heheh