April 11, 2008

Bleach Episode 166 "Desperate Effort vs. Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo"

Hey Bleach fans their wont be any Bleach Episode 166 airing this week. Bleach 166 airs on TV in Japan on the 9th of April. Do remember to come back on the 10th for free download of our high quality subtitled release.With Ichigo seems losing the battle, Grimmjow attacked Inoue but Ichigo comes to her defense. Inoue on the other hand, was shocked seeing Hollow Ichigo before her.Back on the battlefield, Grimmjow seemed to target Ichigo’s mask to totally worn out since he concluded that it is the source of his superhuman strength, but Ichigo equally match Grimmjow’s attack and were able to successfully hit Grimmjow, they were able to penetrate a crack on each others mask but Ichigo was able to regain the mask’s form. Later on the battle, as Ichigo tried to evade Grimmjow’s attack, it came to his senses that Inoue and Nel are just behind him and will eventually hit them.

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